Bree Cox

Richmond Office

(804) 386-2947

About Bree Cox

Bree is a licensed Real Estate Agent and offers a wide range of support services exclusively to our Liz Moore Agents in all three of our offices, Newport News, Richmond and Williamsburg.  Services include simple things like hand writing notes to more extensive services such as transaction coordination and just about everything in-between.  We are so happy to have her on-board!
Bree received her Real Estate Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Real Estate from Longwood University.  She was drawn to real estate to help people find their dream home, she loves helping people with anything they need and a home is a big part of people’s lives.  She also loves the fact that the real estate industry is ever changing and there is never a dull moment!
Born in Henrico, Virginia, Bree now lives in Chester, Virginia with her husband Justin, their little girl Rose, English bulldog, Bella, and Chinchilla Chulo.  Bree loves to try different wineries in Charlottesville and loves spending time with her family.  Her favorite thing to do in Richmond is to try the different restaurants around town and travel to the parks and monuments and enjoy the history.  Bree has a passion for making special relics and gifts as well as refinishing furniture in her spare time.

Virtual Assistant

Alma Mater
Longwood University

Best Friend
My husband, Justin

Favorite Restaurant

Years in real estate

Proudest moment
Graduating with my Masters

Biggest motivator
My daughter