Kim Kim

Newport News Office


About Kim Kim

Having values that are built on solid foundation Kim will work endlessly to bring you quality results in your real estate goals.

Appreciating the diversity of everyone's needs, she understands the importance of being a good listener.  From there she will either help you run with your dreams and go OR give you a nudge and even a kick of reality because success comes with the right balance. 

Being very observant, up to date on the current real estate market, and having a wealth of resources Kim will customize and execute a strategic plan to help you achieve your real estate goals in stride!


Alma Mater
Christopher Newport University

Listening. Not just hearing the words spoken but, just as importantly, the unspoken words.

How I start my day
squeezing in snuggles from my children

Biggest motivator
My family

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Favorite hangout
Home Sweet Home