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About Aisha Perez

A few years ago, my family and I moved from Southern California to Virginia. We embarked on our journey with one common goal. That goal was to own a home. We lived in California during the real estate boom and owning a home was unobtainable. Virginia has allowed us to become proud homeowners today. I ask every potential homebuyer one same question. What does your ideal home consist of? Everyone has their dream list when house hunting. Maybe you're looking for a brand new community with top notch amenities, or a historical neighborhood with nostalgia and charm, or a townhome/condo community that's maintenance free. Let's not forget about your intangible list, i.e. great schools, recreational fun, a growing city, acreage, places rich in history, how close is the beach, the list goes on and on. If it's important to you then it's important to me! Sellers, I haven't forgotten about you. Owning a home is one of life's biggest financial commitments. Far too often, people don't treat it as such. I bring a certain skill set, which helps a seller's home, appeal to the broadest audience of buyers. Your home must be marketable & ready to sell. What seller can afford for it not to be? You can't sell it, without getting people in the door first. I always remember the phrase "Perception is Reality". Think about it for a moment. How would a buyer perceive your home? For every suggestion I make, that cause will bring a result. You and your home deserve it. I honestly believe that every home has a story to tell. With my help, I can bring that story to life. Sellers, you're home has one chance to make a great impression. Don't gamble with the biggest investment of your life. Having over 8 years experience in retail management, it's helped me to develop a strong market philosophy on understanding the importance of presentation and knowing your competition. That philosophy transcends into my real estate career. Every consumer needs to justify the value for the price of an item. What am I getting for my money? That thinking is quite universal, no matter what the product is. All consumers want to know the value that their money is buying, especially a potential homebuyer. As your real estate agent my job is to be knowledgeable about current market conditions, keep you informed, become your advocate, negotiate on your behalf, ask questions, listens, is realistic, educate, and stays energetic and focused throughout your entire real estate experience. IN THE END, WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT WE MATTER AND EVERY CLIENT MATTERS TO ME!


Staging Homes

Years in real estate
9+ Years

Self proclaimed home decor, diy'er & decorating addict

Area's best kept secret
Estate sales and thrift stores!

Favorite hangout
My kids ( Nelia & Neeko) soccer games

I Love Newport News because
It's where I met my husband, Scott