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About Jackie Mierle

Who are you?

I am exactly who I am meant to be today! I was born and raised in Williamsburg, VA.  My siblings still live in the area with me. I have an amazing growing family, incredible friends, too many cats (can you have too many?), and the BEST clients.  I am a breast cancer survivor and a STRONG advocate for monthly self-exams starting at 20. I was diagnosed at age 30 and am an Ambassador and Board Member for Here for the Girls, Inc. I would love to share more with you about our incredible mission. If you’d like to browse yourself, check us out here.

I became a Top Agent (Rainmaker) in our office in my first full year of sales and am absolutely honored that my clients trusted and still trust me with the biggest purchases and sales of their lives. I work off of referrals from past clients and my community, and that is the greatest compliment I have ever received. 


How did you get into real estate?

Honestly – I stumbled into real estate in 2013 because I desperately needed a change of pace (thank you fellow agent, Stephanie Henning for the referral). I worked behind-the-scenes for Liz for a few years and as her Executive Assistant in an operations type roll and decided after some incredible life changes that I wanted to work on the sales side.


Why Sales?

I want to tell you that it Is because I control my schedule, but that is entirely not true. I do have more freedom to plan my work around my family – but I also take great care to work around my clients’ schedules.  I chose sales because it gives me the ability create my future and build a legacy for my family.  I have the freedom to build a business that fits my life goals, build generational wealth and build on the values that my parents and grandparents fought to ensure we had.


Then Why Real Estate Sales?

Because I am far from the stereotypical salesperson.  I am not just selling a product.

My expertise and honesty are my products, and I can stand firm behind them every day.

My job is to represent and protect my client in a transaction – NOT just to make a quick sale. I continuously study the market, national and local trends, and contract updates to ensure that my client is safe in a transaction and moving in the direction that is right for their situation.  Every client and transaction is different, and it is my job to make sure we have the best team in place for every situation.  Bonus:  I can share my knowledge of investing and real estate with others and be a part of their life journey and growth as well!


Are you an expert in law, mortgage or inspections?

No! I am a real estate expert, but part of that title means that I work with experts in those fields. I would be doing you a disservice and would be stepping out of my lane if I did not refer you to them for advice. Reach out to me for a list of my trusted contractors!


Let's Connect!

No matter where you are in your journey, I am here to guide you in the real estate process with peace of mind.  Give me a call today, and let's talk about your next steps and get moving!

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#1 Goal
to stay healthy!

Best Friend

How I start my day
I start my day with a deep breath and a smile!

Biggest motivator
is seeing others succeed!

On my bucket list:

5 stars

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