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Peggy Todd

If I didn't wear boots, Peggy would knock my socks off!!

Peggy did literally everything and was always so helpful. If I didn't wear boots, Peggy's services would knock my socks off!

David Allen

Peggy Todd

I know the PERFECT realtor for you!

Just want to take a minute to potentially help anyone out there house searching. I know the PERFECT realtor for you! Coming up on two years now since I have been a home owner and I honestly still couldn't be happier.

I know the house buying market is a scary place. When I bought my house I didn't know ANYTHING about buying or even owning a home. If you want someone who has your best interest in mind and actually cares about you, Peggy Roark Todd is the realtor for you.

To this day (almost 2 years now) she still contacts me asking me how I am and how the house is doing. She really is the most caring person you will ever meet. Contact Peggy.. I guarantee she will respond quickly!

Joe Cobb, Jr.

Peggy Todd

There is no one better than Peggy Todd!

Peggy is extremely knowledgeable about the buying process and knew exactly what to offer to be competitive.
She was able to lay all of the information out quickly and concisely, so we understood the process and we could move forward without delay.
There is no one better than Peggy Todd. I would not
hesitate to recommend her to anyone buying or selling property.

Susan Valliant and Wayne Daniel

Peggy Todd

Peggy was outstanding!

The promptness and clarity of communication was the most helpful aspect during the whole home selling process.

Peggy Todd

3 time around and I still Love Peggy!!!!!

Peggy was able to meet deadline for closing deal and made references for renovation work.

Caprice White

Peggy Todd

Peggy is top notch, a complete professional who knows her job.

The main thing we found of value is that Peggy is not your typical cold, stoic, indifferent real estate agent who unless they are making a fortune in commission could care less about whether you know what's going on. She was there every step of the way, answered all of our questions about the process, and basically understood how stressful things can be for both sides. Peggy knew the market and what price fit to sell our house. Well above what we expected!

Everything went smoothly and we were completely satisfied.

Peggy knew the market and what price fit to sell our house. Well above what we expected!

Peggy Todd

Peggy had faith in the value of the house.

We met with Peggy Wednesday night, she had someone take pictures Thursday, by Friday night it was already listed for $42K more than we expected. The sign wasn't even up yet and that weekend we had at least 5 groups come and look at it and 2 contracts submitted by Sunday night.
Peggy had faith in the value of the house that made her list for $190K when we thought we only had $150K.

Patrice M. Blair

Peggy Todd

I could not have asked for a better agent to represent me!

I believe Peggy did everything she could do to get the best results possible. She always answered immediately, went to bat for me against a very aggressive and picky buyer, and made me feel she was always fighting for me.
Thank you to all who played a part in making this sale happen.
Your company was Outstanding!

Lutheran Williams
ALL OTHERS AREA 102, Hampton

Peggy Todd

Very Professional!

Peggy was always thinking ahead and had quick responses to any question!

Peggy Todd

We could not recommend Peggy enough!

Friendly and capable, Peggy went out of her way to see properties and share on ZOOM before we were even in the state to ascertain whether the homes would interest us or not. She told us emphatically when she didn't believe something was right for us.

She negotiated with the sellers on our new home expertly and helped us seal the deal in a timely and organized fashion. Could not recommend her enough!

Candace Adams

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