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John Womeldorf

John W. was so knowledgable and effective

John W. was so knowledgable and effective as an agent helping me buy the home, I used his advice to help me navigate a less than satisfactory process for selling my home in PA.

Ellen Morgan
New Town, Williamsburg

Ellen Morgan

John Womeldorf

John was Outstanding!

John Greene
Fords Colony, Williamsburg

John Greene

John Womeldorf

John knowledge was so helpful !

Chris McCartney

John Womeldorf

"John Womeldorf (aka Mr. Williamsburg) was fantastic to work with.

His local knowledge cannot be beaten. He is responsive on weekends, nights, and holidays. He is an experienced negotiator, and that comes in handy! An extra bonus is his pleasant personality and sense of humor. And, after you close on your house, he remains a trusted advisor on repairers, maintenance people, and the like. We highly recommend John to anyone looking for a home in the Williamsburg area - you will not be sorry! " And please know we absolutely love the house, Governor's Land, and Williamsburg ... and will heartily recommend you to everyone we meet.

Jim & Jan

John Womeldorf

John was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

He did a great job negotiating a deal on the house we purchased. John did a wonderful job!

Stephanie Hearne

John Womeldorf

I would definitely refer John

Raymond Keith Bailey
Windsor Forest, Williamsburg

John Womeldorf

John was always very responsive,

calling back or emailing within minutes most times. He also has a vast knowledge of contractors to recommend for work on the house.

Robert & Gayle Bingham

John Womeldorf

John, we could not be more delighted with the house/neighborhood/town.

I've been meaning to write you to tell you how much we appreciated all of your help in finding and buying our little piece of paradise here in Williamsburg. We appreciated your thorough knowledge of the market; your quick response to any inquiry, no matter how small; your expertise (and honesty) in spotting things that needed attention in various houses; your low-pressure attitude; and the immense patience you displayed during our long house hunt. I always had the feeling that you truly wanted us to find the best place for us, not just a place that would provide a quick sale. Our buying experience was immeasurably enhanced by all that your amazing assistant, Amy, did for us. She went above and beyond to make our purchase as stress-free as possible. She really is a credit to your team.

Jennifer Hotz

John Womeldorf

John has extraordinary abilities to understand your needs

Other reviewers on multiple sites testify John Womeldorf is a superb real estate agent for both buyers and sellers. For my part I am here to stress if you are a buyer presently based outside Williamsburg area looking to relocate you absolutely should hire John Womeldorf aka Mr. Williamsburg. Don’t waste your time considering anyone else. Different situations mandate different skill sets. Most otherwise good enough agents lack. His communication skills on the phone are unparalleled. By investing just a few minutes on the phone with him he will be able to rapidly guide you to ideal properties. Don’t shortchange yourself by dismissing the label Mr. Williamsburg as a marketing ploy. He deserves the honor of being called Mr. Williamsburg in every dimension of the term. Most relevant here, he couples his comprehensive knowledge of this community with a rare ability. He educates you on what you need to know about this community only when you need to know it. He never drowns you in extraneous information just to show off his expertise. Our interactions with him were always delightfully efficient, because he took the trouble to listen to us carefully beforehand. Moreover in our particular situation he had an extra advantage over other agents, that may mirror the needs of other out of town buyers. We sold our existing home , some 600 Miles away from Williamsburg, prior to buying here. We wanted to be cash buyers. Although thanks to Mr. Williamsburg’s efforts we quickly submitted the winning bid on our ideal home here, we still were in need of a short term furnished rental prior to the formal closing of our purchase transaction. In a tourist area like Williamsburg a short term rental could have been obnoxiously expensive. Fortunately John has a couple of nearby rental properties that he usually uses as Airbnbs. He offered a solution to us that we found attractive. Our short term rental from him came fully furnished in an delightful area. Indeed whenever you encounter an obstacle please share it with John. He is a creative problem solver. Hire him.

Edgar and Carol Brown

5 stars

John Womeldorf

He truly is Mr. Williamsburg!

John and his team helped us find our new home in Williamsburg. Living about six hours away during a red hot real estate market, John was extremely helpful with guiding us to neighborhoods that matched our wants and needs. He worked well with us to see homes quickly. We also appreciated his honest and frank evaluations of homes we were considering. His contractor knowledge from flipping homes was invaluable in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of homes we were considering. He knows the housing, the area, the neighborhoods, schools, shopping, etc. so well. He truly is Mr. Williamsburg! We highly recommend him as your real estate agent whether buying or selling. On top of his professional attributes, John's just a nice guy! Very easy to work with and discuss anything.

Marc and Ann Tenan

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