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Gayle Peace

Gayle was very communicative

Gayle was very communicative about new listings and any odd requirements from sellers. Gayle was very quick to help us put in offers and was communicating all hours to ensure we were updated. There was nothing she could have done except move us herself-she filled every missing piece perfectly

Gayle Peace

It was a pleasure working with Gayle

It was a pleasure working with Gayle. She was always available, had excellent communications skills and wins you over with charm and knowledge. She made sure the build was kept on track and that the builder/developer was held to finish contractual relate items.

Chad Jackson

Gayle Peace

Gayle made this a seamless transaction

Gayle made this a seamless transaction. Wouldn't have done anything differently.

Chris & Gina Trommer

Gayle Peace

Gayle's communication skills are great

Gayle's communication skills are great in answering all our questions and responding quickly to emails/texts/phone messages.

Dan Woods

Gayle Peace

I live in the same neighborhood as Gayle

I live in the same neighborhood as Gayle and have known her for several years. She is a great ambassador for our neighborhood and I knew she would be the best person to present our home to potential buyers. First Gayle knows our neighborhood better than any other agent. Second, because of her awareness of potential buyers, she was able to find a couple that was eager to purchase our home before we even signed a contract with Liz Moore. Because of this, it relieved us of the stress of having to have an open house, having to do a staging and most importantly, having hoards of people tramp through our home. The whole process was positive and painless!

Barry Graber

Gayle Peace

From start to finish

From start to finish, Gayle Peace took care of this sale and was thee all the time with questions that I had. I was actually out of state purchasing a new home, and I felt she was also there to help me. Gayle is the best!

Kevin Peterson

Gayle Peace

Gayle was a huge help

Gayle was a huge help in finding us the right houses to look at, how to structure our offers, what to expect for pricing and valuations, etc. Thank you, Gayle

Jason Lail

Gayle Peace

Gayle worked with us on purchasing a second home

Gayle worked with us on purchasing a second home on the river, about an hour away from Richmond. Although we know Gayle personally and are aware of her reputation as an excellent agent, this particular location on the river was somewhat unchartered territory for all of us being outside of the Richmond/Chesterfield area and I did have some concern initially that we may be at a
disadvantage not using a truly local agent (we did not know any). As it turns out, any reservation we had was totally unwarranted. Gayle jumped right in, gathering the information we needed to inform our decision about the home and the area/river at record
speed. She wrote an offer for us to include all of the beautiful furniture, a riding mower, and a jet ski, which worked out perfectly as we wanted something totally move-in ready. Her recommended inspector produced a very thorough inspection report that included
several pricey repairs and Gayle handled that negotiation flawlessly, encouraging us not to back down and to let her push for the majority of the items, which the seller ultimately agreed to. At the end of the day, this was quite a big transaction but Gayle made it seem easy. She was always professional, quick to respond to any and all of our questions, and just a lot of fun to work with! We
closed on our home as scheduled and could not be happier. To top it off, she sent us a beautiful personalized sign for our new home which we love having on display. We highly recommend Gayle.

Ruby Foley

Gayle Peace

Gayle is a Godsend

Gayle is a Godsend. She is very professional, quick, smart, witty. We love her!!! She staged, advised, was patient, just lovely all around

Tanya Baca

Gayle Peace

Gayle was the best

Gayle was the best. She was there for us every step of the way and beyond.

Joyce Smigal

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