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Our culture is infused with a passion for wowing our clients! We are honored to be a part of their real estate stories and love the opportunity to help them create winning marketing and negotiating strategies. Developing client relationships that last a lifetime, is why we do what we do.

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Debbie Cobb

Debbie is fabulous!!!

Debbie is fabulous!!! She is sharp. She cares. And, she keeps you up to date! I cannot say enough wonderful stuff about Debbie.

She was my biggest cheerleader. In a time when the market is bad, she had faith.

We normally do not use a real esate agent. But, my friends told me Debbie was different. And, she was. She was outstanding!

Linda and Joe Hertzler

Debbie Cobb

Debbie went above and beyond!

Debbie was amazing. She definitely went above and beyond to help us sell the house. Her efforts are appreciated more than I can possibly put in words. She went out of the box to try and find a selling situation for a house that definitely had its' marketing challenges. Many thanks for the amazing efforts in selling this property and also for the personal touch in dealing with my mother!

Susan Denardo
Windsor Forest, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

These people did everything right!

You have two outstanding agents in these people. Couldn't meet more cheerfu, informative and helpful people.

William Ellis
Ford?s Colony, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

She made us feel we were a team.

She kept in frequent contact so we knew what was happening, not happening; she made us feel we were a team. We loved and appreciated her determination.

Nancy and Robert Bond
Brandywyne, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

Debbie is a natural realtor ......

she knows how, what and when to say things. She was there for us when we needed her.

Kenneth and Mildred Francis

Debbie Cobb

Elaine & Debbie were extremely knowledgeable and professional

Stayed on top of all contract updates/changes. Set up all pertinent appointments. Made sure the entire process went smoothly and flawlessly.

JoAnn & Russ Borden
Holly Hills, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

Debbie made my dream come true!

My dream has always been to own my own home. In January 2009, Debbie Cobb (Realtor) for Liz Moore and Evelyn LaRose of Atlantic Bay Mortgage made it a reality. My story is not a short and simple one and I hope you take the time to read this because the effort, honesty, professionalism and miracles are priceless.

One morning while at the cleaners, I overheard a women ask the person behind the counter if he knew anyone who was looking for a house. I became very excited because ?I? wanted to buy a house. I thought that the women would never ask me because I usually disappear in a crowd and I looked as though I rolled over out of bed to run to the cleaners. When she turned to face me, looked me in the eyes and asked ?do you know anyone looking for a house,? I immediately felt that she can do it. From the moment I said ?Yes, I am? until weeks after my very first house closing, Debbie treated me and made me feel as if I was spending a MILLION bucks.
Through Debbie, I was introduced to and worked with Evelyn LaRose of Atlantic Bay Mortgage. There was nothing that could stand in my way of getting my house. From our first meeting where I answered many questions though the second meeting where I gave her paperwork (even the best accountant would have trouble making sense of,) through all 1,008 signed documents and information request, I never felt that Evelyn did not have it all under control. I never saw in her eyes or heard in her voice that a request was out of reach. Evelyn made me feel that my house was always within reach.
Between Debbie, Evelyn, and Lytle Title, I HAD A TEAM!!!! Every time I called any one (days, nights and weekends) for anything that had to do with making this house my home, my TEAM answered. My team still keeps in touch with me months after closing.
Because I became a caregiver to my Nephew and Mother at a very young age and survived a life threatening medical injury, I thought I could never have my own house. I watched the housing market do things that made me feel that I?ll be renting forever. Then I met my team. I thought with the amount of time they spent with me, they couldn?t possibly have other clients. I will not think of buying or selling property without them.
Thank you for the outstanding experience,

Kim Hamilton
Skiffes Creek, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

Honesty in Market Value!

All pre-work done, appraisal home inspection, etc was extremely valuable information provided to determine price of home and negotiatine strategies with buyers. Honesty in market value of homw with falling home sales and to reach a quick sale, rapidly. Excellent marketing siill and strategy to reach buyers

Kevin & Kim Wright
Queenswood Park, Williamsburg

Debbie Cobb

Debbie was Outstanding!

We really loved the brochures and newspaper exposure.

Debbie Cobb

Debbie was Great!

We can't believe it has been a month since 8 Preston Grange has sold. We are truly deeply grateful to both of you for bringing it all to fruition & closure! What a great team you are! Debbie - with your positive, infestious energy and savvy, southern charm, the "fist in the velvet glove" and Elaine - your mastery of the details, fine print, and great follow thru. We will continue to sing you praises. You have no idea of the "gift" you have given us. Relief!!

Daniel and Charleen Perry
Fords Colony, Williamsburg