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By: Jessica Berg

Rebekah Brewster

She made a difficult process very easy for us. She kept us well informed and was beyond helpful in explaining the process. She was so helpful.

By: Steven Gianvecchio

John Womeldorf

John knows the Williamsburg area really well.
This was extremely helpful when selection neighborhoods and houses to look at. He is also very knowledgeable on different aspects of home construction types, materials, etc. This was invaluable to us as new homeowners. John also recommended several great local businesses, including homeowners insurance, movers, furniture stores, etc. We were very pleased with all of his recommendations. This proved extremely valuable since we got great recommendations and didn't have to search around.

By: R.L.
Running Man, Yorktown

Kim Kim

It was great working with Kim! We will definitely work with her again and recommend her to other perspective clients! Kim was always willing to help and got us the information we needed, complimented by her work ethics, research and honesty. While Kim has a lot of great value, it was her patience that impressed us the most. Kim was always willing to wait for our response or decision and never got pushy in numerous situations during the 6 month quest to finding the right house.


Tunde Lewis

This was our first house that we were searching for and we could not have been happier with our experience. They made the experience and process stress free and we found the house that was perfect for our future family.

By: Jean Merchant

Teresa Sullivan

You couldn't ask for better representation. They are always punctual, friendly, respectful, professional, and can negotiate with the best! They always strive to do what's best for their clients. They sold our home in less than two weeks! I highly recommend their services! 5 Star Rating!

By: Bob & Diane Hahnen
Fords Colony, Williamsburg

Deelyn Donnelly Neilson

Deelyn was fully informative, shared valuable insights, worked tirelessly and cooperatively with all.
Deelyn's assistant,Christie Buie, is an invaluable member of the team, and played an enormous role in making everything go so well.

By: Barbara Connor
Carisbrooke, Carrollton

Robert Sullivan

They were very responsive, promoted the property aggressively and their strategies resulted in a buyer for both properties at the same time. The Sullivans stayed in contact with me and offered ideas of what could be done and what was being done to promote the property. I will refer them and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

By: Alfred Rulenz

Julie Casey

By: Kelly Bustamante
Edgehill, Yorktown

Carol Davanay

She is the best!! Patience ~ getting answers from the sellers' agent back to me in a timely manner. Knowledge of what to look for in the walk through. All bases were covered by Carol.

By: Philip Giles
Ford’s Colony, Williamsburg

John Womeldorf

John performed extremely well all the duties you would expect from a real estate agent. However, what was most valuable was his continued pursuit of finding us the right home. This would not have been an easy task for anyone but John never gave up and provided more support and guidance than we ever expected. He made our concerns his concerns and this was very much appreciated.

By: Patricia Dowell
Druid Hills, Williamsburg

Colleen Haskins

Having been builders for 40 years, I have had a lot of real estate agents. Working with Colleen has been one of the all time best experiences I have had with a realtor. Outstanding!Extremely responsive and helpful. I was out of town aqnd she basically handled everything related to the house that I could not do. Furthermore, she did all this with a great, helpful, thorough attitude and never hesitated to go the second mile. Very impressive

Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg

Denise Fleischmann

She brought a personal touch to all she did. No question who's interest she was looking out for.

By: Erin Davis
Queens Creek, Williamsburg

Ingrid Bayne

She provided great advice when we were putting an offer in on a house that had multiple offers. We will refer Ingrid and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

By: Kat Holmes

Karen Kern

Karen is wonderful! Her knowledge and attentiveness to our wishes was outstanding. She fulfilled everything we could have wanted.

By: Jesse Kelley

Lisa Gasper

Lisa put in a ton of work to get us situated in our new home. She was very quick to respond to our questions and offered excellent advice. Lisa mad the job seem fun! She made sure the house was in great shape before we purchased. Both my wife and I trusted that she had our best interests at heart.

By: Mark & Gretchen Heinrich

Debi Warren

I felt Debi was a great realtor and would suggest her to others. She listened to what our needs were and worked hard to have them met. The break down of how much our house is worth and why was most valuable.

By: Cody Wittenbach

Cathy Jackson

Cathy was outstanding! We were immediately so comfortable with her and by the time it came to close on the house, she felt like a member of the family. She really cared about finding us the perfect home. I didn't know that buying a house could be so simple either, she really made everything so stress-free and smooth. Cathy really took time to get to know us and listened to what we wanted. She didn't try to sell us just any old house, but wanted to find us a home. I will refer Cathy and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

By: Lori Musser

Shirley Hammond

Her knowledge was extremely helpful! Shirley was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation and negotiating skills. I will refer Shirley and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

By: Peggy Queen

Carol Davanay

We couldn't have asked for anyone better! Carol was quick to respond to my emailed questions and concerns. She was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills. I will refer Carol and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

By: Anne Christensen
Sonoma Woods, Newport News

Kim Burbage

She was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills! Kim worked with our grandson and kept him on trace as we live 2-1/2 hours away. I will refer Kim and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

By: Rachael & Matt Cerniway

Sally Kerner

Sally was friendly, responsive and handle a lot of stuff for us when we moved interstate. Every that needed to be done to close the deal was done.
LOVED the marketing of our home my our agent and Liz Moore's agency. FAR better than anything else we have seen or had before when selling other homes we have owned. The "no surprises" was the best thing ever - inspection and appraisal done not only helps us as home sellers not to have anything we did not expect at the last minute, but I think it helps the buyers not necessarily have to pay for an inspection ...which, when every cent counts these days ..can help in making the deal "Sweeter" to buyers ..hence, our house was sweeter too :)

By: Fred & Mary Schubert

John Womeldorf

The house is working out perfectly & the neighbors have been wonderful...We can't thank you enough for all your help!

By: Katie Lowe

Tammy Smith

Tammy took great care of me and truly thought about my wants and needs throughout the entire process.

By: Cailla Impelido

Toby Jordan

From the day we started working with him, he answered our every question and listened to our wants and needs. It only took about a month from the time we started looking for our new home, to our move in date! He never once tried to sell us on a higher priced house. He listened and helped us figure out our budget and stuck to it, and found us a beautiful home. I would HIGHLY recommend Toby to everyone!

By: Dede Shelton

Teresa Sullivan

Sully, I can’t tell you how great it is to know that we have such a fantastic team working to sell our home … We are very impressed with the service you are providing & will give your name to all our friends still living in Virginia. Thanks again for the exceptional quality service.

By: David Blake

Jennifer Brown

Excellent work.

By: Nancy Gage

Sue McSwain

hardworking and looked out for us in every way.

By: Hugh Davis

Angie Joseph

She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Angie helped us prepare for the sale and helped us understand what to ask for and how to interpret offers. Angie is my first choice for my own new house hunting and will be the person I recommend.

By: Gary and Teresa Crickenberger
Shore Park, Newport News

Carol Davanay

Many thanks to Carol for all you did for us in helping us find our dream home. We enjoyed your company during the entire house-hunting process. She was so helpful and always 'on top of' everything. Carol was great to work with and we sincerely appreciated her professionial advice and recommendations. We love our house! Thank you Carol!

By: Andrew Futscher
Marywood, Williamsburg

Gary Smith

He was always available. Always honest & was very good with our kids.

By: Clara Howell
Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg

Diane Beal

Diane gave me ideas regarding decorating etc.

By: John & Vonnie Upchurch

Angie Joseph

She knew how to stage the house for showing and eventually sale. Angie was in constant contact during the whole process. She kept us informed on all negotiations. We found this most valuable. Angie had a good team working with her through the whole process. We will refer Angie and Liz Moore & Associates in the future.

By: Pattie and Charles Henderson
Village Green , Newport News

Maria Christian

Maria was outstanding! My husband and I were very impressed with Maria. She went above and beyond to help us sell our house and walked us through every process making it stress-free! She provided us with excellent updates and were always there to answer our questions! There was nothing that Maria missed and everything was done very professionally! Liz Moore and Associates care about their clients!

By: Sam Neal

Vicki Courrier

She kept us informed during the entire process and was very patient with our many questions!

By: Tom and Jane Rees

Nan Piland

She handled a very tough buyer’s agent and mortgage broker during the sale of our home. She was friendly, professional and persistent.

By: Evelyn Hengeveld
Tanglewood, Hampton

Maria Call

She went above and beyond to get my mom's house sold for us. We really felt like she was emotionally invested in this sale with us and did as much as she possible could to market the property to get it sold. Maria kept us informed through the entire process, explained everything to us, and was extremely responsive when we had questions or concerns. She is a wonderful agent and friend! We will refer her and Liz Moore and Associates in the future.

By: Andrew Packett

Tim Parker

This is the fourth rental property purchased with Tim & Cyril. Each purchase I know they have looked out for our best interests..Exactly how I feel about working with Genia, our property manager!

By: Ben Howard

Heather Moorefield

She was always quick to respond with a answer. Being a first time home buyer she made me feel comfortable through out the whole process.

By: Regina Gerstman
Rolling Woods, Williamsburg

Mish Vaiden-Clay

She was always one step ahead of the game. For example, she had me pre-qualified for a loan before we even found the house. She had the home inspectors come immediately after my bid was accepted. She was always perfectly on time with what was needed. Mish has very high standards. She knows the RE field inside & out, so no lack of opinions here! Also very helpful with all kinds of referrals to resources throughout Williamsburg. A sweet person too!

By: Danitza Jones
Stonehouse, Toano

Charlotte Turner

She made sure we got what we wanted; the process was so painless that we couldn't believe we were buying a house in such a short period of time.

By: Gary and Teresa Crickenburger
Shore Park, Newport News

Carol Davanay

Dear Carol,
Many thanks for all your did for us to help us find our dream home. You were so helpful, so 'on top' of everything! You were great to work with and we enjoyed your company during the whole 'house huntings' Gary and I love our house so much! It is perfect for us!

By: quinn23456

Debi Warren

Debi's attention to detail and service are the best I've seen. Debi helped with my purchase of an investment property. Debi provided great service before, during and after the closing.

By: Will McCausland

Justine Taylor

Justine is fantastic-she is a true professional and a valuable asset. She always remained calm, neutral, and professional. Extremely responsive.

By: Frank & Adrienne Iacono

Meg Clark

The services we received from Meg were beyond excellent. Meg has gone above and beyond for us. We love her.


Rick Cox

Our experience with Rick was fantastic. He was attentive and actually listened to our needs. He wasn't just going through the motions; Rick actively worked with us to find a house that suited us and met our criteria. Rick offered a lot of knowledge about local areas to check out and respected the price range in which we were looking. He was personable and genuine in all his dealings. He was genuinely interested in us and worked hard to find us our home. Rick kept in constant communication with us throughout the entire process. We met Rick by chance at a house he was showing and were so impressed we asked him to help us in our search for our home. This was the best choice we could have made. We would absolutely use Rick again whether buying or selling a home.

By: Vicki Ford
The Cottages At Crossridge, Glen Allen

Brooke Barnard

Brooke took her job seriously, told me what I needed to do to get the best price for the house, pointed out what I needed to move or get rid of. I thought she might be overdoing it, but the pictures were awesome. She was absolutely right! The staging was perfect.

By: Kathy Brayton

Carol Davanay

Selling or buying a home is a huge decision, so when I decided to sell mine, I cold-called four companies, asking “what can you do for me that all the other agents in town can’t”. I actually put each one through an interview process, once they had viewed my home. I chose Carol Davanay of Liz Moore and Associates for so many reasons! She was professional, but with a real personality. Carol was honest without being insulting (we all think our home is the best on the market) regarding any deficiencies, and complimentary where warranted. Carol had an appraisal performed so we would have a reasonable, reliable listing price. In addition, she had a home inspection performed at the beginning of the process so that there were no surprises or rushed repairs once an offer had been made. She made available to me any necessary repairmen so that I didn’t have to question the reliability or quality of work.

Once onboard with Carol, during the very worst of the housing slump, and during a time of year when no one shops for houses, it took a grand total of three weeks for my house to sell. During that short time, Carol was in constant contact. She was honest regarding offers, letting me know if they were reasonable, if I was safe making a counter offer, or if it was off the charts ridiculous.
Since buying or selling a home isn’t something we do every day, her expert care and knowledge were crucial to me. She walked me through every step; the offer process, the signing process, the closing process, all the myriads of paperwork involved, and informed me that I didn’t need to be present on the actual closing date. I was able to complete my transactions early, in order to move to out of state without waiting. She made the process seamless and stress free.


Annemarie Hensley

PLEASE READ. If you want your house to sell or want to buy another one, this is the only company that I would recommend.
Annemarie and the entire staff at Liz Moore and Associates are knowledgeable, professional, and in tune with the real estate market and customer needs. They provide a relaxed and common sense approach to selling your home. They will not try to shape your needs to fit theirs. I have sold homes in the past and Annemarie provided the excellent service you don’t see with other companies. From the first meeting to list our home through the closing of the sale, they were available 24/7 to answer questions and produced results without hesitation. The concierge services they offer are second to none; from home staging, contracting services for repairs/updating, and moving services to name a few. They always gave well informed advice, which is invaluable when you’re trying to sell your home. The excellent marketing and advertisement produced multiple showings with positive feedback
and amazing results. It wasn’t all about how fast the home sold, although it sold very quickly, but attracting the right buyers allowing a win-win for both the client and buyer. So if you really want a low-stress home selling/buying experience, I highly recommend Annemarie with Liz Moore and Associates.


Elena Chando

to my concerns and persistent aid in addressing comparisons relative to other sales and my sale price was paramount in our success. WOULD NEVER stop trying to determine what was delaying my sale! She continually persevered while
she had other sales responsibilities. She ALWAYS contacted me on a daily basis with updates! That's why I chose Liz Moore's group!

By: Laurie & Billy Simmons
Bellgrade, Hampton

Shoshana Marziano

She dealt with the closing details. The best service you offered was in house photography, the pictures are what sold our house. Buyers bought it sight unseen just based on the listing pictures. Shoshana was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills. We will refer Shoshana and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

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