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About Brenda Carter

With over 3 decades of experience, Brenda Carter is the consummate professional and has sold $10s of Millions worth of Williamsburg real estate over the past several years alone.  Brenda, is consistently ranked among the top agents, company wide. She is honored routinely among the companies prestigious Rainmakers club.
Brenda gets it done
Brenda prides herself on being on the cutting edge of creativity and innovative marketing. Her relationships with radio and print leaders, combined with her use of cutting edge technologies, social media and her unparalleled direct marketing database, provides maximum exposure for her listings.
Help Is On The Way
Brenda and her team of professionals will be there every step of the way to help guarantee that you obtain the highest price for your property.  Her motto is: There is not a job that is too big or too small, Let me help! Achieving the best return on your investment is key, but Brenda also does everything possible to ease the stress of selling your home. Her movers can bring in new furniture, curtains or linens if needed or transfer your extra boxes into her storage facility.  Her handyman can retouch paint or do basic repairs, and for empty spaces Brenda will work hand in hand with her stager to transform your home virtually overnight.  Her highly sought after photographers and videographers will then come in to showcase your homes best features.
Insiders Edge
In hiring Brenda as your agent, your home will not only look its best but it will be priced spot on.  Her experience enables her to interpret market data with unparalleled insider knowledge.  That is why buyers, sellers, appraisers and even fellow real estate brokers (on occasion) seek out her advice on valuation.  She is able to educate her clients using real-time data along with explaining the nuances of an ever-changing market.  She will honestly assess your property's strengths and weaknesses and create a unique and effective marketing strategy.  Brenda has the resources and contacts to blanket the city and the web with your property in record time and efficiency.
Trust and Relationships
Brenda knows the importance of nurturing her long-standing relationships with not only top real estate attorneys, excellent tradespeople, HOA boards and fellow brokers as well. These are key to giving Brenda the edge in streamlining the sales process from start to finish.
I love my job
I get tremendous satisfaction from driving through a neighborhood and seeing the lights on in a home of a family that trusted me to help and guide them in their search for a new home. What an honor that is, and I am truly blessed to wake up in such a magical little city to a job and people that I love. Brenda says, "After all these years, I still truly believe I have the most rewarding job in the world."

Alma Mater

#1 Goal
Living a full, happy and adventurous life!

Best Friend
Brian Carter of course.

I love Williamsburg because
It's Home

Newtown in Williamsburg

Favorite Restaurant
Bookbinders in Richmond, Va

5 stars

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