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I love puzzles! Sometimes you get lucky when you think you have found the perfect piece on the first try, and sometimes you must look a little harder to find it.  You can’t force a piece, it must fit.  It was the same when teaching!  I enjoyed figuring out each student and how best they learned.  If one method or strategy didn’t work, you moved onto another, until you found the one they understood. Every student was different and required their personalized action plan to meet their goals.

It is the same in real estate. Every client is different, and they require their own personalized action plan to attain their goals.   There are similarities to most beginnings and then you get to the heart of the puzzle.  This is where skill takes over, and the adventure really begins! Again, you can’t force it, it must fit.


Hey there!  My name is Simone Wilkins Jones, and I’m extremely excited to share a little of my story with you, and I look forward to learning about yours!  I am an Army brat, married to a Marine brat who was also in the Army.  Growing up, we moved a total of 15 times, landing finally in Yorktown in 1983 where my father was stationed at Ft. Monroe in TRADOC.  After graduating from Alabama and starting my own family, there were seven more moves for me, including 2 homes in Windsor Forest.  I understand the stresses and the planning involved with a move, and I’m happy to assist with packing boxes, finding movers, cleaning companies and the like. 

I have 2 incredibly gifted and loving sons, Nicholas and Christopher Belden (29 and 26, WHERE did time go?).  My husband has 2 exceptionally brilliant and fabulous adult daughters, and we are very lucky to get to spend time with 3 rambunctious and beautiful grandchildren.  My youngest son and I share our alma mater, Roll Tide (along with another 10 family members and 1 current student)!!  ‘Roll Tide’ does cover every possible salutation, it’s all in the inflection, really. One of my bonus daughters and I share the same brokerage!  


In my professional life I have been a store, district and regional manager in retail (10 years), a stay-at-home mom to my boys (eight years), and an elementary teacher (16 years + 3 of subbing).  My past career experiences have helped me to build a solid foundation for successfully navigating through your real estate concerns, needs and wants. I’m an active listener, hearing the spoken and unspoken and confirming understanding through constant communication. I’m a problem solver, hence the puzzles from above, and am calm and focused during the occasional stressful moment.  I am an avid researcher and driven by data, though I know there are exceptions to what the data may tell you, but only occasionally.  I am task oriented; I want that checkmark in the box (mine are backwards because I am left-handed, or maybe right-handed checkmarks are backwards…) when completed. But the checkmark does not mean our client-agent friendship is over, this relationship does not end at the closing table.


-That the process of buying or selling or both, with me as your agent, will be easy but exciting, enjoyable and goal attaining, and will take the time that it takes for your satisfaction. 

-To give superior client/customer service before, during and after the closing.

-Having my clients as my biggest ambassadors, sharing my name with others that I can assist.


-Doing what is right for my clients

-Finding that need and filling it

-Honesty, integrity and patience


In Conclusion-

Like the ‘Ah Ha’ moment that a teacher can’t wait to hear, I look so very forward to your, “No question, this is it!”  My husband said this very thing when I finally got him into the Windsor Forest house we currently live in.  His original concern prior to seeing it in person, “Too many trees”, my response, “Ya can cut’m down, AND it’s called Windsor…Forest…”  I can guide you where needed, more gently than I did with Warren.  Our goals will be the same and I am more than happy to take the lead or to assist in finding you the perfect home.

I would love to talk with you about what we can do together in your search or sale of your first, second, retirement, investment home or land transaction.


Want to keep up with what I am up to right now or get to know more about me? Check out my business Facebook Page and Instagram Page.



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University of Alabama

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Blue Talon Bistro and The Hound's Tale

Nick and Chris

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Back to Wales for an extended period of time!

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Cul's Courthouse Grille

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